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Complaints.com received the following consumer message on April 21, 2002:

From: SandyFL [SandyFL@prodigy.net]

RE: Kanes Furniture in Florida - furniture delivered - many problems

On April 11, 2002 the delivery truck arrived and started to unload the furniture. The mattress and box springs came first…the nightmare began, the mattress is great, the box springs are mismatched (according to the driver miss-id’ed) one is approximately 3 inches shorter than the correct one. Don’ t worry; the driver said as he called Kane Furniture in Melbourne and spoke with Stacy – the correct one would be delivered on Tuesday, April 16, 2002.

Next, came the sofa and chair and ottoman. The Sofa had a spot on the arm where something was poking up and would eventually come through the leather. No problem – will exchange that on Tuesday also…. then the ottoman – had two large water stains…no problem will exchange that on Tuesday also. All off these items were noted on the customer copy and the stores copies of the receipts.

Just to be certain that everything had been followed up on we went into Kane Furniture on Monday and spoke with our salesman and the girls (two of them in the office) to confirm the date of Tuesday, April 16th as our delivery and exchange date.

Oh my, Stacy noticed that the mattress wasn’t in the computer correctly and changed that date until Thursday, April 18, 2002. Don ’t worry – Stacy said; “I will send out a complete new set on Thursday to make certain the box springs match”. In the meantime Joe has to prop up his side of the bed (there is a 3 inch difference in the two box springs height.

Well, you guessed it – Thursday came – NO BOX SPRINGS – it wasn’t on the order (we were in the store when we watched her “Fix it”. Next came the ottoman – it was in worse shape than the first one…I opted to keep the first one. Then came the couch…. they unwrapped it – took off the plastic and put the ball feet on it when they turned it over.

I was on the phone with Kane Furniture – asking where was the box springs…don’t worry – it will be here next Thursday… two weeks of sleeping down hill with a 3 inch difference was way too much to bear. After minutes of silence on the phone (her speaking with someone) she assures me I will have it on Tuesday – the next delivery day in my zip code.

Here is where Joe took over with Kane’s.

When the driver left I called the Kane Furniture Melbourne store, but was told there was no manager around. “He’s not in today”, is what I was told. “There’s no one here that can help you but me, the office manager”. She couldn’t help me. I got the CEO’s name and phone number and called him. The CEO’s name and number is: Erwin Novak 727-545-9555 That call was a joke as his secretary said “I can’t put you through to him”. She sounded scared to death. After an hour on and off hold with her, she transferred me to a Ms. Estevez voice mail.

I hung up and dialed back, but the operator wouldn’t do anything, but put me back to Ms. Estevez’s voice mail. Finally, when I told her I didn’t want to go back to a voice mail box; that I wanted to talk to Mr. Novak. Now I was told Mr. Novak wasn’t in today. I said put me through to his secretary--she put me on hold and left me there until a half hour later when I hung up and called Melbourne again. Melbourne couldn’t help me get a box spring delivered any sooner than Tuesday (5 days later).

I then faxed an notice to the Melbourne office that if they didn’t resolve the situation by 5pm, I would cancel the payment through American Express and that I would purchase a mattress assembly elsewhere and move their mattress assembly into the driveway waiting for their driver to come collect it on Tuesday.

A few minutes later a manager (Chuck) called from the Melbourne store and offered to get a truck to me Saturday with the correct box springs. I accepted his offer as he seemed sincere. (The office manager must be a magician to make a store manager appear out of thin air.) Saturday the box springs were delivered. Now… I realize that errors can happen, after all this is not a perfect world.

However, when there is a problem and you can’t get anyone to talk to you, from the local store manager right up to the CEO, there’s definitely something wrong with the general attitude of the entire organization. The CEO sets the basis for how customers are treated by how he treats them.

In this case he doesn’t and won’t. I’ve been told that an employee will be fired if a customer is allowed to “get to” him (Erwin Novak) under any circumstances. I believe it! One could also believe that Savon Furniture with the same owners, treats customers the same.

Joe Bottieri