From past issues of Life Extension Magazine.

Raid: Traco Labs, Inc. - November, 1988

Raid: Pets Smell Free, Inc. - Summer, 1988

Raid: The Life Extension Foundation - Feb 26, 1987

Raid: Highland Labs - Fall, 1990

Raid: Hospital Santa Monica - May 12, 1993

Raid: Natures Way - June 30, 1992

Raid: Family Acupuncture Clinic - Aug. 14, 1992

Raid: Bursynski Research Clinic - Jul. 7, 1985

Raid: Solid Gold Pet Foods - Sept., 1989

Raid: H.A. Lyons mailing Service - Oct. 16, 1990

Raid: Nutricology, Inc. - May 9, 1991

Raid: Scientific Botanicals - Fall 1991

Raid: Thorne Research - Dec. 12, 1991

Raid: Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Jonathan Wright - May 6, 1992

Raid: Ye Seekers - June 1992

Raid: Mihai Popescu - June 2, 1992

Raid: Natural Vision International (NVI)

Raid: Kirwin Whitnah - May 12, 1993

Raid: Waco Natural Foods - May 14, 1993

Raid: International Nutrition Inc - Jun 24 1993 and Aug. 3, 1993

Raid: Zerbo's Health Food Store - May 1993

In 1993, the FDA announced that your right to purchase coenzyme Q10, selenium, amino acids, herbals and high potency vitamins would be taken away by the end of the year. Twenty-four million Americans (including many of you) responded to the FDA's threat by inundating Congress with letters, faxes and phone calls that caused the FDA to back away completely from its proposed ban on importation of these disease-preventing nutrients.

When you voice your protests to these FDA officials (and Congress), ...you can tell them to obey the law..., the new Dietary Supplement and Education Act requires that the FDA give anyone who they plan to take enforcement action against at least 10 days notice and the opportunity to present their views bafore taking action.