Skull Flag Enviro-tech Roofing is a danger to you and your family. The purpose of this site is to tell in a factual way my experience after my roof was replaced by Enviro-tech Roofing in Sarasota. On their website www.envirotechroofing.com, they say:

At Enviro-Tech we focus on offering long term, worry-free roofing solutions. From planning, installation and maintenance programs our commitment remains the same; we provide our clients with products they can trust and service they can depend on.
When you choose a roofing contractor,
should you have to worry about being either left healthy or left injured?

I can tell you that the service they provide is anything BUT worry-free. It is dangerous to your health. I live in Lyndhurst Court, a row of 34 similar homes in Sarasota, Florida. During the winter of 2012/13, our Homeowners' Board hired Enviro-tech Roofing to replace all the tile roofs with new tile since the old roofs were leaking. The cost was close to $700,000. While they were working on my house, I stepped outside my back door one evening after the workers had left and felt a sharp pain in my foot. A nail had penetrated the sole of my shoe. When I went out back a little later, a second painful nail came through my shoe. The next day I gave the nails to the foreman for Enviro-tech Roofing and explained that these were dangerous and should be picked up immediately. Better yet, they should not be allowed to leave the roof. When they got to my house, they had already done 30 homes and probably left nails around every one of them.

These nails were used to hold down the tar paper under the tiles on the original roof. They have a one inch diameter head and a one inch barb sticking up from the head. When they fall to the ground, they almost always land with the barb sticking up. When the workers tore off the tar paper, they let the nails fly all over. They picked up the nails that landed in the gutters but ignored those that landed on the ground and became a threat. It soon became obvious to me that Enviro-tech Roofing had no intention of paying someone to go around with a magnet and pick up all the nails. About a week later, on April 15, I was walking about 20 feet into my back yard and again stepped on a nail. This time it went through the sole of my shoe, my sock, the flesh of my foot, and into the bone. I fell to the ground in extreme pain and with a bleeding foot. It was two weeks before I could walk without a limp. I debated going to the hospital for a tetanus shot but decided to take a chance that I would not develop tetanus. Fortunately that did not happen. People die from Tetanus. Therefore these are LIFE-THREATENING NAILS. Apparently Enviro-tech roofing does not care.

Now let's see if we can find the true face of Enviro-tech Roofing

I contacted Enviro-tech Roofing again and their young office manager, Amanda Jackson, came out with a magnet on April 18 and spent about 30 minutes picking up 15 of the nails from my residence and the two adjoining residences. She also found about 15 other kinds of nails and metal pieces. She photographed them as evidence. After she left, I bought a magnet and found 33 more in the same area! Including the three initial nails, that makes a total of 51 left around only three residences. If 51 were found around only three homes, that is 17 per home, and a little arithmetic indicates there could be 578 left around all 34 homes. Suppose someone walks on a nail in bare feet. Suppose someone puts their child outside to play in the grass and the child gets a nail through its eye. This is negligence at its worst. What does the Enviro in Enviro-tech mean? That they are concerned about the environment, maybe? That's a laugh. This is what the nails look like.

Dangerous Roofing Nails.
Imagine yourself stepping on one of these hidden in the grass.

Greg Leffert and Connie Leffert, the owners of Enviro-tech Roofing, never responded to my emails or phone calls. They let their office manager handle the situation. They never called with an apology for my injury and they have ignored my demands for financial restitution to compensate me for my pain and suffering. They have insurance to cover such negligence, but they still choose to ignore the whole matter. One can only assume that they will continue doing the same thing on future jobs, endangering others.

Money Pile

All of the workers appeared to be Mexicans. I didn't find one who spoke English. This is another issue that will be explored. Are these people illegal immigrants, doing work that our own workers can do? Are they underpaid, making it possible for Enviro-tech Roofing to underbid other companies to get jobs? Are they being paid under-the-table? Does Enviro-tech Roofing also save costs by not paying anyone to pick up the dangerous nails? Is it just about the MONEY? Do you want to use such an uncaring company to do your roof? If you do, I suggest that you go to Home Depot and buy a $15 magnet on a stick and use it to check around your home during and after the work.

I even wrote a warning notice that should have been given to all residents. I sent it to Enviro-tech Roofing, but I doubt that they will use it on future jobs. Here it is:

When roofs are replaced, old nails inevitably fall to the ground. During and after the installation. we try to pick up such nails using a magnetic device. Most nails lie flat on the ground and are not a serious danger. However, some nails have a head that is one inch in diameter and a barb that is one inch long. These are used to attach tar paper to the roof. Such nails tend to come to rest with the barb sticking straight up. Therefore, during construction you should not go outside without wearing shoes having a sole one inch thick. Do not walk around outside wearing sandals, slippers, or in bare feet. Even after your roof is completed, and we have scanned the area, nails can still be dislodged later during a rain, mowing, etc. It is always wise to wear adequate foot protection when outside. Magnetic scanners are held like metal detectors but have a large magnet on the end. They can be bought at Home Depot if you want to do your own scanning.

There is more to this tale of misery. After the work was completed, numerous roofs began to leak. Leaks developed around chimneys and skylights. They also developed on large flat sections of the roofs. Tile shingles had to be removed to fix the problems. The workers had put down the underlayment without removing the plastic ribbon that covers the adhesive end of the material. So the adjoining pieces of underlayment did not adhere to each other as they should. The result was numerous leaks, causing damage inside the homes. What can account for such sloppy work? The Mexican workers who did not know proper English perhaps?

At first, this site will be temporarily placed as a subfolder to the myopia.org site at www.myopia.org/envirotechroofing. This is to give Greg Leffert and Connie Leffert, the owners of Enviro-tech Roofing, a chance to examine and comment on it. It is common for reporters to submit their story to the object of their investigation and ask that it be checked for accuracy. I intend to do the same. Enviro-tech Roofing will be given one week to reply with their comments. If no comments are received during that pre-publication period, this will be considered to be their acceptance of the validity of the content of this website. Any comments received after that period will be ignored. Once this courtesy phase is over, this website will then be uploaded to the Host Server under its own domain name and that domain name will then be propagated to the nation's Domain Name Servers. The site will then be submitted to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., making this site available to everyone.

In my experience as a website designer, I have mastered the art of getting top placement on the search engines. As an example, you can type "pinhole glasses" into Google.com, the top search engine, and the pinholeglasses.org site will appear near the top of the list of websites. The same is true for keywords from my other sites. This means that anyone searching for anything involving Enviro-tech Roofing will find my site. The wonder of the Internet is that is gives the downtrodden a worldwide stage to voice their complaints and bring about change. I intend to do just that.

Only when Greg Leffert and Connie Leffert, the owners of Enviro-tech Roofing, provide me with financial restitution and promise to stop endangering their customers, will this website be removed. I also intend to petition the Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation (DBPR) and demand that the roofing license of Enviro-tech Roofing be revoked. They are a menace to society and should not be allowed to operate any longer.

It is not my intention to say anything defamatory on this website, nor to state anything that is not factual. If anyone can show that anything on this site is libelous or not factual, it will be removed at once. However, as a basis for their claim of potential libel, they will need to back up their claim with a detailed citing of the relevant statutes. Everything on this website is my own opinion or merely states the facts. In order to prove defamation, it is necessary to be able to prove that what is said or written is false. If the information is true, you do not have a case. If the truth hurts, it's your own fault.

In a country which guarantees free speech, I have as much right to tell about my experiences on the Internet as I would in talking to a newspaper reporter who published the story in a newspaper or to a TV consumer advocate who told the story on television. The advantage to telling the story on the Internet is obviously that it is available to millions of people and will remain there in public view FOREVER.

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